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Loos For Hire
Things to Consider Before Hiring Toilets

​If you are organising an event in an open space or inviting a large number of people for a festival, you need to take care of their comfort. The first thing that we plan for is the toilets. Nowadays, there are many portable toilets and urinals readily available for hire. You need to take care of a lot of things that you need to think before opting for toilet hire, portable urinal hire, and large event toilets.

Types of Toilets for Hire

​There are many types of toilets available for hire; portable toilets, wheelchair accessible portable toilets, baby changing toilets, portable urinals, and luxury portable toilets. Moreover, portable toilets are offered with wheels, so they can be moved and placed anywhere according to your convenience. You can hire them for small events and larger events. You may need any one or two types of toilets from the above list but all the toilets serve the same purpose.

What You Need to Consider

You need to think about the following things when hiring toilets;

  • The customer service provided by the company you are approaching.
  • Water and safety policies of the company
  • Waste management techniques followed by the company to maintain cleanliness throughout the event.
  • You need to check the availability and accessibility of the service providers.
  • Before booking your loos, you should make sure about the number of users who are going to use it.
  • Think about the age group of people who use it and book it according to their needs.
  • The size of the toilets is very important - make sure you choose ones that are the right size for your guests
  • For large events, you need to hire many toilets so the water facility should be taken care of.
  • You need to segregate the number of urinals and toilets you need and make sure about the replacement policy.
  • You need to consider the weather condition and choose a durable material. During snowy climates try to find a warm material.
  • Waste tanks are also important because the tank should be leakage free and clean.
  • You need to take care of the power supply because they may not be able to provide you with that.
  • Check the flooring of the toilets before hiring them. The floor must not be slippery.
  • You can also arrange for a generator so that the electricity supply never gets interrupted.
  • You have to check for the maintenance service provided by the company. Regarding toilets, maintenance is as significant as the infrastructure.
  • Check with the service provider regarding the toilet paper supply and hand basins supply.
  • If they're unable to provide them, you'll need to arrange it by yourself. 

Please consider the above points before hiring the toilets you need. If you need anymore help or advice regarding toilet hire, please feel free to get in touch.