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Loos For Hire

Event Generator And Heating Hire

Marquee Heater Hire

With unpredictable weather it is always advisable to plan for heating a marquee. Our indirect marquee heaters are ideal as the warm air is piped into the marquee through a hose. A thermostat is available to regulate the temperature. Our Marquee Heaters are designed to dsperse the heat evenly throughout the Marquee.

Marquee Heater Hire
  • High output heater suitable for heating large areas and marquees
  • Heat piped in through a hose
  • 105ltr diesel tank to provide heat for up to 13 hours
  • 81KW/276,000BTU

Generator Hire

Portable generator hire

Generator 10KVA

We have a range of generators from 1KVA to 10KVA to power your event requirements.